MDMA Webinar Hosted by ASPI: Strategies for Negotiating Today's IDNs

Strategies for Negotiating Today’s IDNs

It’s hard to imagine any American industry consolidating and transforming more quickly than healthcare.  Hear what a senior healthcare system executive has to say about all these changes and how they are impacting healthcare providers—across the entire supply chain.  Join industry veteran John Strong, co-founder and chief consulting officer at Access Strategy Partners Inc for a virtual “fireside chat” with Vance Moore, the President of Business Integration for St. Louis-based Mercy Health.  With 44 hospitals, Mercy was named a “Top 5” Large Health System by Truven in 2017. The system includes more than 2,100 physicians in more than 300 offices in three states.  Moore has extensive experience with Mercy’s resource management company, ROi, as well as senior executive system operations management.

Please join John and Vance as they discuss topics impacting the healthcare supply chain, from Amazon to Value-Based Contracting and much more, on Tuesday, May 14 at 2p.m. Eastern Time.