Dan Sweeney

Chief Commercialization Officer

Leads a key customer management and client engagement team that enables market access, aligning medical device companies with providers and supply chain organizations.

As ASPI's Chief Commercialization Officer, Dan Sweeney is responsible for leading ASPI’s customer facing representation. Dan has 35 years of experience in healthcare contract management, product management and development, data and analytics, marketing, sales, and business development working for national group purchasing organizations and international start-ups. Dan has expertise in strategy, planning and board level governance. Most of his career has focused on developing strategies and relationships that resulted in mutually beneficial business relationships between providers and suppliers.

Prior to ASPI, Dan spent two years as the Business Development leader for Genesis Automation, an international healthcare supply chain software company. In that role Dan worked to open up the U.S. and international markets, working with Group Purchasing Organizations and healthcare providers to introduce the Genesis product suite into the market.

Most of Dan’s career was spent in a variety of roles in the group purchasing segment of the healthcare market, spending more than 30 years at VHA, Novation and Vizient, leading contract management and sourcing for product areas including pharmacy, capital equipment, medical devices and medical-surgical consumables. Dan directed the expansion of unique contracting strategies including Aptitude, Novation’s state-of-the-art contracting platform. He also led the development of Novation and Vizient’s customer purchasing database and analytics suite, leading corporate strategy and product pricing.

Dan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Northern Iowa and is a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Texas. Dan is a past chair of the Coalition for Healthcare eStandards, and a board member for several healthcare entities.