Tim Coutts

Managing Director, International

Leads team responsible for ASPI supplier and provider programs in Western and Northern Europe.

Based in the United Kingdom, Tim Coutts has 30 years’ experience in the MedTech industry. Tim is a co-founder and Managing Director for ASPI Global Markets, with responsibility for Western and Northern Europe. Most recently he led CareCube Solutions Ltd. to launch the  CareCube platform, a fully integrated digital workflow system specifically designed for cardiologists to simplify and centralize the complex scheduling, tracking and management of patients.  Tim is also a non-exec Director at  Redecol, which specializes in the field of sensor technology, with a focus on asthma and COPD.

Earlier in his career Tim headed US Surgical in the UK/Ireland and set up and ran Tyco Healthcare’s EMEA Marketing Group (Surgical).  He spent nine years with Boston Scientific Northern Europe as Vice President, then as VP Europe for Healthcare Partnerships, developing innovative partnerships with major hospitals across Europe with solutions "beyond the product”.

Tim has worked globally for most of his career and has deep knowledge of European MedTech, including four years on the Board of ABHI.