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We simplify the acquisition of leading-edge, value-based healthcare technology for providers and supply chain organizations by aligning them with qualified, relevant medical products manufacturers from around the globe.

Who We Are

Market Transformation

Healthcare delivery continues to undergo a profound transformation. The provider supply chain has become increasingly centralized as it supports product acquisition inside the hospital as well as for the many locations outside the hospital where care is provided. It is increasingly imperative for manufacturers to have an effective sales strategy and segmentation plan, including a strong economic and clinical value proposition that resonates with both physicians and supply chain decision-makers.

Many medical device companies find it difficult to navigate the complex provider landscape that has resulted from the consolidation and integration that continue to be market-defining trends. Providers and supply chain organizations want to know about new technologies that deliver value and benefit their patients and clinicians, yet they may not have the time, resources or incentive to learn about and assess potentially valuable products from a variety of suppliers. Knowing how to navigate this process using an effective combination of both in-person and virtual meetings is likely to be essential.

Working with ASPI

We have collectively spent decades building and leading corporate sales and contracting organizations for leading healthcare manufacturers and supply chain organizations, utilizing successful IDN and National Accounts strategic insights and relationships. We bring deep expertise and experience in commercialization, supply chain, contract management & execution, value proposition optimization and well beyond.

We bring deep expertise in commercialization, supply chain, contract management & execution, value proposition optimization and well beyond.

What are we most passionate about and determined to accomplish?  

Several of us spent many years working for large device manufacturers and supply chain contracting organizations that could take advantage of broad product portfolios, large corporate contracts and other incentives that help drive the sales process. The result is an environment that can inhibit or at least slow innovation…innovation that can benefit patients, clinicians and healthcare providers. We’re excited to work with companies with new technologies and a strong value equation, to better position them for successful market ACCESS by developing a STRATEGY to enable them to become meaningful trading PARTNERS.  

It's About the People

This is an industry of talented, compassionate people whom we’ve enjoyed working with and building productive relationships. Our goal is to connect those people, from the provider and supplier sides, locally and worldwide, to simplify the acquisition of leading-edge, value-based technology.

Our goal is to simplify the acquisition of leading-edge, value-based technology.

At ASPI, we work with a select group of manufacturers, providing knowledgeable key account management representation and related services, to position them for successful market access with key providers and contracting organizations. For providers, this means we bring a portfolio of qualified, relevant suppliers from around the globe — what you need, the way you need it.

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