Our Team

Our team has deep and varied functional expertise and a resolute commitment to helping our clients and customers be successful.

Our Co-founders

Jim Walker


John Strong

Chief Consulting Officer

Armin Cline

Chief Commercialization Officer

Bob Phelps

Chief Operating Officer

Fred Hrkac

Managing Director, International

Tim Coutts

Managing Director, International

Commercialization Team

Randy Williams

SVP, Commercialization - East

Dan Sweeney

SVP, Commercialization - West

Doug Jones

Commercialization Executive

Bill Krieg

Commercialization Executive

Kevin Donovan

Director, Strategic Partnerships

Joanna Koufos

VP, Operations

Nancy Kerbs

VP, Marketing

Our Advisors

Dr. Frederick Browne

Chief Medical Officer

Dennis Orthman

Supply Chain

Mary Ann Clark

Health Economics